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Buying Your 1st Home – Property Investment

27 Mar 2019 2:43 PM | Anonymous

2 Seminars (Presenter: Laurence Day & Guests)

1) Needs vs Wants. Location, Price vs Affordability, The Deposit: how much and how to get it (savings, Kiwisaver, family, friends) Banks – what they want to know an how to present that info. Pitfalls vs opportunities

2) Getting started – Ownership structures. What can I afford? Deposits, borrowings, securities, guarantees. Finding the right property. What to look for/What to avoid/Do up vs Done up, Putting together a deal. What the seller wants. What the buyer wants. What the agent wants! Tenants – How to get good ones, tenancy law, pitfalls.

Building your property portfolio – Risk vs Rewards. Equity vs borrowings. Capital gains, ROI, Cash flow ROI, The property cycle, Time and timing, Goals and targets.


1)  29 Mar – 7pm Temple View Stake Centre

2)  05 Apr – 7pm Temple View Stake Centre

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